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Programs offered by Jasper Ridge Farm

Jasper Ridge Farm programs are free.

Animals Helping Children

In the happy, peaceful atmosphere of Jasper Ridge Farm, children come to visit and play with a favorite four-legged friend! What is it like to brush a horse? What do goats eat? How soft is the bunny? This program enables children to spend time with a four-legged friend -- patting, grooming, feeding, and experiencing the unconditional love of a gentle animal. We have miniature horses, goats, bunnies, guinea pigs, babydoll sheep, a cat and a happy flock of chickens. For those clients who are physically able, a ride in the pony cart is great fun!

For those children who are unable to travel, or for a group of children in a facility (hospital, residential program or homeless shelter), our mobile unit can bring animals to visit! From a one-animal visit in a private home, to several animals visiting a facility, Jasper Ridge Farm animals will travel!

Please call to make an appointment:  650-703-5199 or email

Animals Helping Children
Animals Helping Children

Veterans Horseback Riding Program

Working with the Veterans Administration/Palo Alto Health Care System, our Veterans Horseback Riding Program provides opportunities for active duty personnel and injured veterans (including those dealing with traumatic brain injuries and/or post-traumatic stress disorder) to ride horses.

This activity provides tremendous physical and emotional benefits to the Veterans, by increasing their self-confidence and decreasing depression, while also improving strength, balance, range of motion and flexibility.


Horses offer youth an unparalleled experience that is both physical and social. Horses are completely in touch with, and aware of, the present moment, and they powerfully invite people to do the same. They are non-judgmental; they do not see status, gender, race or ability; rather they act in response to the environment and energy. Caring for and riding horses is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which provides both physical activity and promotes personal challenges.
● Riders learn balance, coordination and self-assurance
● Riders improve poise posture, strength and flexibility
● A strong sense of responsibility develops as the rider learns to take part in the care of the horses and equipment
● Teamwork and cooperation are learned as the rider becomes more independent on horseback
● Confidence and self-esteem improve, and a sense of accomplishment is felt as new levels of expertise and new goals are met.
Located in Portola Valley, our partner, Webb Ranch, provides a warm, friendly, safe and fun family environment, as well as many gentle and kind horses. Webb Ranch has been owned by the Webb Family since 1922, with the 5th generation currently living on the ranch and involved in the daily operations.

Jasper's Art Cart

Jasper’s Art Cart is Art with a Purpose.  Children are able to work on age appropriate, creative arts and crafts projects during their visits.  Children are inspired through their interaction with the animals, and  their imagination and creativity flow!   They are able to express themselves through their art.

Please call to make an appointment: 650-703-5199

Art Cart

Youth Volunteer Program

At Jasper Ridge Farm, youth are our passion and our mission. We believe in nurturing at an early age, a heart of service to others. And we believe that by teaching children how to care for animals, to respect them, to treat them with kindness and patience, they also learn to treat people the same way. The Youth Volunteer Program offers kids aged 8 through 15, wonderful and meaningful opportunities to volunteer. Children gain hands-on experience and learn how to feed, exercise, groom, pet, socialize and care for all our animals, most of which were rescued. At Jasper Ridge Farm, youth are very involved, have a whole lot of fun, and take pride in being the touchstone of our organization.

We are looking forward to welcoming back our youth volunteers at our new facility which will be located at Webb Ranch. For more information on when the youth volunteer program will restart, please contact Cynthia Brownlee, our Youth Volunteer Coordinator, at

Volunteers Volunteers

Rabbit Readers

Research has shown that children who read to animals develop self-confidence, practice their reading skills and learn about kindness and compassion towards animals. The guinea pigs and the rabbits make excellent listeners -- they never interrupt or correct – but rather, they are attentive listeners!

Rabbit Readers | PO Box 620924 | Woodside, CA 94062 | 650.703.5199 | email: