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Donate to Jasper Ridge Farm

Your generous support will assist hundreds of people in need in our community.
Please help build our on-site facilities and support our ongoing programs.

Jasper Ridge Farm is a non-profit, California 501(c)(3) corporation.
Tax Id # 27-2304675

Jasper Ridge Farm is not related to the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. Donors wishing to contact the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve should visit

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Below are the projects for Jasper Ridge Farm that need your financial support. More details and special giving opportunities are available. Please call or email Wendy Mattes, Executive Director, Jasper Ridge Farm for more information:, 650.703-5199

JASPER RIDGE FARM ANNUAL FUND – Help us reach out to people in need.

  • Please give generously today to help pay for the cost of operating our programs. We are a grassroots, volunteer-powered organization
  • Our programs are offered free of charge to people in need, so your help in supporting our programs is greatly needed
  • Please help us raise enough money to cover the cost of caring for our animals (i.e. feed, bedding, housing, veterinary care, equipment, etc). and the administrative costs associated with operating the organization (insurance, land lease, website, utilities, etc.)
  • Please help us raise enough funds to operate our important, life changing programs, and to continue to offer these programs free of charge

We are always so grateful for donations of bedding, veterinary and farrier services, feed and maintenance equipment (rakes, shovels, fencing, office supplies: reams of paper, toner for laser printers, light bulbs, postage etc.).


  • Please give generously today to help us Raise the Roof on our new facility
  • Some naming opportunities are still available.
  • With our new, larger facility, we will be able to serve even more people in need in our community!


Ongoing Supply Needs:

  • 100% Grass hay
  • Safechoice Special Care horse grain

  • Oxbow Timothy Rabbit Pellets
  • Oxbow Cavy Cuisine Pellets
  • CareFresh pet bedding
  • Baled shavings

If you'd like to give a gift certificate - we purchase our supplies from:

Wish List

Big Items:

  • Tractor and drag for our new arena
  • Van with ramp to easily take larger animals to visits where trailor parking is difficult or impossible
  • Gator type ATV with a dump bed or with a small trailer
  • Nontoxic large shade trees

Medium Items:

  • Pipe corral panels
  • Six foot nonclimb horse fencing
  • Gas powered weed wacker
  • Lockable tool cabinet

Smaller Items:

  • Aviary netting
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Muck buckets
Donate using PayPal | PO Box 620924 | Woodside, CA 94062 | 650.703.5199 | email: